So you have chosen to eat a plant based diet.
Fan….bloody….tastic! I love you!
Maybe it’s to improve your health or to help the animals but what ever the reason I am elated that you are doing it.

I am so enthusiastic about my plant based lifestyle that I have decided to design limited edition t shirts, my first of which is my ladies t shirt here.

Hope you like it?

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I built “Food Not To die For” to help you and your family members to turn their health around by changing the way they eat. It is never too late.
I am 67 years young and since changing my diet and my relationship with food I feel better in my body, my health and my brain.
Pat Sutton

About Pat Sutton

Hello, I am Pat Sutton. I am a self taught artist and a chef. I am passionate about art, books, The Tarot, cooking and everything food. I eat a plant based diet. Since changing my diet I have lost loads of weight and feel wonderful and feel years younger then my age of 67.
All the art on this website is my own work.


Please don’t be afraid to get in touch if you want help with anything. Maybe with your diet or maybe you are interested in trying digital art? I can help you get started.
Or maybe you would like a digital drawing of a loved one?
This is a picture of my daughter, granddaughter and myself having a lovely time in Ibiza. We all eat a plant based diet.

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